Contributing Proxies

If you would like to list your proxy IP addresses on this site click on the Add Proxy menu link above, or just click here.

You can add a list of addresses as well as entering the IP and port one at a time. When contributing a list of public proxy server IP addresses and ports our servers will check each IP:Port combination before any of them on the main page, index.html. Any new contributed IPs with a legitimate, working public proxy server listening and accepting requests will be added to the home page immediately upon confirmation, usually no more than about a minute after you add a new IP.

For more information about Proxy IP addresses click here.


Once you have added an IP and port to your configuration you should always go to the Test Proxy and test your configuration. If it passes all 12 tests it is beyond our server to detect your IP, and probably most other servers. In some cases however the proxy might be on a blacklist and may not work on the site you want to visit, but your real IP will still remain private in that situation.

Testing your proxy IP and port configuration

It is very important that you test your proxy configuration after adding a new IP and port number to your system. The Test Proxy page was designed for just that purpose.

There are currently 12 different tests performed on the incoming IP address using the Test Proxy page to see if you are coming in via a proxy server. Most other test pages from other sites on the Internet only include the first 6 tests seen on our site, so if your configuration passes all 12 tests it is highly unlikely that any host you visit will be able to detect your IP from behind the proxy server

Even if your configuration does not pass all of the tests the proxy server still adds an extra layer of complexity. Making it that much more difficult for any third party trying to track your Internet usage.


The archives contain all of the IP addresses that have been displayed previously on our home page at one time or another in the past year. They may still be valid, but have been listed on this site for 24 hours and are no longer considered fresh. We endeavor to find and list only the newest proxy IP addresses and feel once they have been listed for a day then too many people are aware of them and they begin to slow down as more, and more, people connect through them. However, any IP addresses listed below are still valid, tested, and rated proxies and likely still work.


You can find instructions on how to enable, or disable, Javascript in your web browser at Mister Ed's Website.

There are currently Javascript instructions at Mister Ed's Website for:

Browsers [ Internet Explorer ] [ Firefox ] [ Mozilla ] [ Netscape ] [ AOL ] [ Opera ]
Browsers 2 [ Safari ] [ Google Chrome
Explorer Clones [ SlimBrowser ] [ Maxthon ] [ Avant ]
Mobile browsers [ Opera Mini ]

JavaScript is used to enhance web pages. Adding animation as well as responding to user input immediately. Instead of having to communicate with the web server and wait for a response JavaScript can process the request on the user's computer immediately. This speeds up the processing of web pages dramatically and creates a superior user experience.

All of the content on this site is presented as is without making any claims, expressed or implied, to ownership of the IP addresses and certainly no warranty of usability, quality, speed, or any other claim to the content for any purpose whatsoever. Also because we don't own the IP addresses listed we must also warn you that you use the IP addresses at your own risk.

If we have an IP listed that belongs to you and that you do not want listed on this site simply click the Contact link and let me know about it. Any valid request to remove content will be honored and processed in a timely manner.