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List of HTTP Proxy IPs
IP: PortupArrow Level City Country Org./ISP Tested Latency China169 Backbone 23:29:000.786000013 China169 Backbone 23:29:000.792999982 23:29:000.868000030 15:28:550.964999914 23:29:000.853999853 23:29:000.873999834 23:28:590.859000205 23:28:570.907999992 23:28:580.832999944 23:28:580.865000009 23:28:580.903000116 23:29:000.863000154 China169 Backbone 23:29:000.767999887 China169 Backbone 23:29:000.763000011 China169 Backbone 23:29:000.819000005 China169 Backbone 23:29:000.766000032 23:28:570.904000043 23:28:580.871999979éalCanadaiWeb Technologies Inc. 08:06:110.094718140 StatesEasyTEL Communications, Inc. 17:22:540.089709789 of Toronto 15:28:551.012000083 (Switzerland) Ltd 15:28:551.009999990 ViewUnited StatesGoogle Inc. 18:35:410.068748605
cclweb03.cse.nd.:73-65Low19:58:330.081719311, LLC 19:56:390.018707793, Inc. 01:05:422.244000196 SA 03:45:272.344000101 Portugal Telecomunicacoes S.A. 04:19:042.394000053 DameUnited StatesUniversity of Notre Dame 11:09:390.474999904 StatesLaureate Education Inc. 09:27:080.093718132

The HTTP Proxy page is updated every 24 hours, 7 days a week. However, we update the main index page every 2 minutes! The index page contains a variety of proxies, including Ultra-Anonymous, High-Anonymous, Medium and Low (Anonymous and Transparent), proxy IP addresses.

Available Public Proxy IP Address Types and Levels

At Ultraproxies we use HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies. And these types of proxies come in different levels, such as Ultra-Anonymous, High-Anonymous, Medium (Anonymous) and Low (Transparent). Of which Ultra and High anonymous are the most secure. All mask your IP address to some degree, but to prevent anyone monitoring all your Internet activities you should be using a SOCKS IP instead of an HTTP or HTTPS IP address. With SOCKS you get all services hidden behind the IP, not just your Internet Surfing (using only your Browser, ie, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome to visit other computers). If you want all computer activity and every sevice masked with a different IP addresss SOCKS is the best way to accomplish this.

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