Add a Proxy, or a List of Proxies

On this page you can add a single proxy or, if you have a lot of them, enter them all at once.

Enter the IP of the proxy site, or the domain name if that is easier.

Enter the Port number. If left blank 80 is assumed.

Enter one of HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4 or Socks5. HTTP is assumed if left blank.

Enter the country if you know it. It won't affect whether it is accepted, or not.

Multiple IPs can be saved at once by pasting them into the text area below. The expected order is IP, Port, AnonLvl, Type and Country. To change the order, reorder the list on the first line and append your stuff below that. List must be Colon, TAB, or comma delimited. Doesn't matter which as long as you use only one type of delimiter.

Order: IP:Port:AnonLvl:Type:Country. Types (HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4, Socks5) AnonLvl (High, Medium, Low).

Whitespace between fields is ignored (any invisible characters like your Spacebar, Tab or Enter key produce). Not all fields need to be entered. Actually if the port for your proxy is 80 just entering the IP would be enough information, but the more information you provide the easier, and faster, it is to test and have accepted. You must not overwrite the default header values in the list (IP, Port, AnonLvl, Type, Country). You can reorder them to reflect the order of the fields in your list, but they must remain there.

Note: In your list if you don't have say the 'Type', but still want to enter the 'Country' it is okay to leave a data field blank, just add another delmiter, and then enter the next field's data.

Examples: : : : : USA - Would been seen by the program as
[ : 80 : Low : HTTP : USA ]
Other examples: : 12345 : Medium : HTTPS : UK or : 80: HIGH : HTTP:CA or : 3128 or simply